Parking easy as never before

Parking easy as never before

PriPark is the first Austrian platform on which private persons can rent out their parking spaces for a limited period simply and quickly. It is not only garages that owners can rent out via the innovative PriPark platform, but any kind of secure parking spaces. PriPark offers owners the possibility of specifying their available parking spaces and offering 105-minute park packages quite simply online. It only takes a few clicks and you can earn money with your parking space and help others find a secure parking space quickly. You will be helping to protect the environment at the same time, because this reduces the amount of fuel used while searching for a parking space.

Rent out your parking space and earn money every month

Rent out your parking space and earn money every month

  • Are there times when you do not use your parking space?
  • Would you also like to share your parking space?
  • Would you like to earn money with your parking space?

YES? - then become a parking space provider at PriPark. We will help you find the best way to offer your parking space, so you can earn money every month!

How to become a PriPark provider
PriPark – never be late for your appointments

Get started now - register and rent out your parking space

Find parking spaces online

An end to the eternal search for a parking space! With PriPark you can find a parking space at your destination quickly and simply online. Depending on the weather you can park your car in a protected space or find a parking space quickly in highly frequented areas.

Secure parking & simple payment

Never arrive late for an appointment again, reserve a parking space in advance. Our simple payment system means you can book your desired parking space quite flexibly.

Good for the environment

The time spent looking for a parking space in cities is enormous. A German survey has shown that 560 million hours a year are spent looking for a parking space. The realisation of saving potential could prevent 600 thousand tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year. We want to protect the environment - PriPark!

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Searching for a parking space was yesterday – PriPark is today!

Graz city centre is completely blocked again. Traffic jams and the parking situation are getting worse by the year. This is already the third time I have driven round the centre. At last a parking space – but too small for me, unfortunately. And the search goes on ... I am a corporate consultant and have a lot of appointments. What really stresses me out and gets on my nerves, is the exasperating search for a parking space. Where can I park? What are the parking fees? What time do I waste in looking for a parking space and which has to be taken into consideration if I want to arrive on time for an appointment? Unproductive kilometers, a lot of hassle, high costs and stress ... a good friend of mine offered me his private parking space and invited me to share it on Wednesday. This offer made me think ... and that is how PriPark came about.

Mission Statement

PriPark creates new parking space possibilities in cities, revolutionises the search for a parking space, enables stress-free parking and protects the environment.

Martin Sturm, CEO
Martin Sturm, CEO

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